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Medical Care

Steroid and Non-steroid Injections

At GoodLife Healthcare our approach to musculoskeletal conditions is conservative.  We want to make every effort to utilize the most advanced in the latest technology to approach pain management without the use of drugs or surgery!  We use advanced laser and electro analgesic modalities to assist our patients in reducing pain and therefore being able to approach their biomechanical problems more comfortably. With our multidisciplinary approach, we also have the option of nonsteroidal injections as well as steroidal injections.

Trigger Point Injections

We utilize trigger point injections in cases of trauma, muscle spasm and management of pain. We find trigger point injections to be very helpful and calming the muscles and therefore allowing other modalities to be utilized to assist in the healing and recovery process.

Hip and Knee Joint Injections
Hip and Knee Joint Injections

There are multiple types of injections including nonsteroidal, steroids prolotherapy, and human cellular tissue therapy to assist in the recovery of hip and knee injuries and degenerative changes. Surgery should be a last resort and without a doubt, with multiple injections available along with proper bracing we can assist many patients in prolonging the functional status of the hip and knee before considering more aggressive measures.

Shoulder Injections

We have multiple approaches to shoulder conditions that may include but are not limited to trigger point injections, non-steroidal injections,  steroid injections, human tissue therapy, and other conservative approach is to assist with shoulder conditions both acute and chronic before considering aggressive drugs and surgery.

Shoulder Treatment
Personal Injury Care

In our office, we are providing care for acute injuries from accidents specifically auto, truck and motorcycle that can leave a person impaired for a lifetime. We approach with conservative  therapies along with trigger point injections, nonsteroidal and steroid injections where necessary.  Other conservative approaches can also be taken including human cellular tissue therapy along with rehabilitation modalities. 

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